South Bend Indiana, April 9th 2014.  
A two year old boy was gunned down while playing with his seven year old sister in their aunts front yard.  An outraged city councilman and two gun violence survivors join to start a campaign to raise awareness and a call for stronger gun laws from our legislators through a South Bend City Council resolution. After three years of getting input from the community and talking to everyone that would listen the time has come to bring together a coalition of survivors, police, physicians, community leaders and citizens to demand our legislators in Indiana support laws to keep guns out of the hands of violent felons, abusers and terrorists. We can do better to protect our homes and communities and at the same time our Second Amendment rights.

Councilman Dr. Fred Ferlic and Mayor Pete Buttigieg speak at a South Bend rally on the need for closing the loopholes in our federal background check system and common sense gun laws.