Background Checks on All Gun Sales

In Indiana only licenced gun dealers are required to do a federal background check. That means far too many guns are sold at gun shows and on the internet no questions asked. We know states that do have expanded background checks fair better in three critical catagories. See GRAPHIC

Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Abusers

Background checks and expanded critieria for prohibiting domestic abusers and stalkers from buying or possesing guns can help prevent the deaths and injury to thousands of women and other family members. Many states have strengthend these laws.


Keep Requirement for Conceal Carry Permits

With rights come resposibilities. Requiring gun permits is an important safety measure in Indiana that helps insure that those carrying a gun on their person are legally permitted to do so. Permits are an important tool for our law enforcement. See ARTICLE

Keep Guns Off School Campuses

Everone agrees that we want our kids to be safe at school, but more guns are not the answer. Teachers are there to teach and allowing anyone other than security officers to carry guns on campuses only makes our schools a more dangerous place.